Makani Kai Pacific LLC

  • 100% Kona at its best

    We as coffee lovers only needed a farm to fulfill our dream. Growing trees from seed, nursing, planting, working the yard, hand picking cherries the whole year and processing them on our own equipment means we know every bean leaving our farm.


  • Hard- and Software to stay in control

    Knowing is always better than believing. That's why we monitor as many parameters on our farm as possible with state of the art lowest power hardware nodes, encrypted RF transmission and web application frontends allowing us to tap into our site from wherever Internet access exists. And, yes - we do custom projects too!


  • Survey, analyze, plan, implement

    The four steps making our farm as independent as possible from fossile energy production, as well as playing well with the grid and other producers. It takes much more than simply mounting Solar Panels to the roof, rake in the tax break and produce energy at a time nobody wants it. Interested in a discussion which goes deeper than the tax break figures?


  • Knowledge from cradle to cradle

    Whatever knowledge we gathered and have, we pass on to the curious. Our lives are Open Source and whenever there is free time, we try to come up with more of our educational web games.


  • Fresh from our farm

    Whatever can be grown, we try to grow. No pesticides, no herbizides! We're deeply committed to the Hawaiian spirit of farming with Dryland Taro and Breadfruit as well as raising fish and growing plants in an Aquaponic setup.


  • In harmony with planet earth

    Whatever we do must only leave a footprint, that can heal within a generation. To make sure our actions are in synchrony with our talk, we monitor fresh as well as waste water quality, soil and air conditions to ensure, that we're not building up a legacy which has to be cleaned up by our children. If you're interested in knowing more about your resources, send us a sample, we'll analyze it and then tell you what it contains!


Committed to solutions in harmony with our home planet

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Makani Kai Pacific LLC
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